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Everything About Tiktok Video Downloader

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Since Tik Tok is an online social media video sharing platform, it has become a viral sensation among teenagers and adults. People love to download videos to share them with their friends. But the problem comes up when the tik tok doesn't allow you to download a tik to video without a watermark.

We all accept that watermarks are annoying, isn't it?

But thanks to tik tok downloader software that allows you to easily download and save your favorite Tik Tok videos from the app on iPhone and Android phones, laptops and computers.

Tiktok videos are very popular on social media, and the number of TikTok users is growing every day. One of the issues with the Tik Tok app is that its interface is not so user-friendly. The only way to is to share them on another platform like WhatsApp, Messenger, YouTube, Instagram etc.

Additionally, it doesn't allow you to download a Tik Tok video without a watermark. But thanks to tik tok video downloaders available in the marketer that allows you to download Tik Tok videos without any watermark on your PC, Mac or anywhere you want.

Savelr Tik Tok Video Downloader is a free tool to download Tik Tok videos to your PC, MAC, or anywhere you desire. This tool is very easy to use and can be run on the Windows platform. All you need to do is upload the video's URL into the field and hit the "Download" button.

Your video will be downloaded on our system in a few seconds!

Wondering how our Tik Tok video downloader is different from other tik to downloaders out there? Curious? Following, we have mentioned the 3 biggest plus points:

  • Our tool made it possible to download tik tok videos without watermarks and author signs, which is impossible with other services.
  • You can download unlimited tik tok videos for free and without any restrictions!
  • Our provides easy instructions for downloading tik talks to iPhones, Androids, and computers.

How does our tool help? Wondering? Our tool helps you in many ways that we have mentioned below:

Download any Tik Tok video on iOS
You can download videos from tik tok to your android phone using our app. This can be done by opening the Tik Tok app and searching for the video you want to save.

On the video page, there is a "Share" button. It's an arrow. Simply click it and select "Copy link."

You can then need to paste the link at the pinnacle of the tiktok downloader internet net web page. Click "Download" to begin. TikTok lets you download music videos without logos as mp4 files.

Download Tik Tok on PC
There is no need to download any other app to save TikTok videos. The method described here is universal and convenient that you can use to download tik tok video on your PC.

It saves the video in its original quality. It's far well matched with home windows, mac os, and linux.

Download Tik Tok Videos on iOS
If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can also download free videos from TikTok. To do this, you will need to download the Documents by Readdle app from the App Store.

iOS users with 12th or more versions will not save videos directly from the browser.
To get started, they must first launch Readdle Documents and copy and paste the link to any TT video into the app.

You will see an icon of a web browser in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap it.

Once you've entered your browser, navigate to our TikTok video downloader and paste the link there. Clicking the "Download" button will remove the TikTok watermark. Simply tap again to select another option. Your video will be downloaded.

What features do our tools contain? Want to know? Following we have mentioned all of them:

  • Download Unlimited TikTok Videos Online For Free
    Our TikTok video downloader is a great tool that allows you to download unlimited tik tok videos for free.
  • Save, Share and Watch Tik Tok Videos Easily
    You can watch TikTok videos offline and download them in full HD, HD, and SQ files to save, share, and watch offline with Savelr's TikTok video downloader.
  • No Need to Install Any Software
    Neither your mobile phone nor your PC needs to be installed; all you need is our tool, and it will do all the processing for you.

Do you have tons of interesting tik tok videos you want to save to your collection or share with your friends on social media? Do you want to download all those interesting tik tok videos with any watermark?

Following, we have curated a complete guide that will walk you through how to do that:

Copy the Link from the TikTok Video

  • First open a TikTok app.
  • Got to the video you want to download
  • Now you will see a "Share" option. Go to the "Share" button and click on the "Link" button.


Now you have copied the link. Congratulations!

Following, we have curated a separate quick guide for both android and iPhone users:

Download a Tik Tok Video on Android

If you have an android system, follow these instructions:

• Copy link in TikTok app
• Go to our website in the browser and open our tool!
• Put the link into the field and hit the "Download" button.

Download Tik Tok Video on Apple Device (Mac or iPhone!)

  • First, make sure that the version of iOS in your gadget is 13 or more.
  • Now, open the Tik Tok app and copy the video link.
  • Visit our website on your browser.
  • Paste the copied video link into the field
  • Hit the "Download" button and get your tik tok video without any watermark downloaded in your Apple system.


Are you looking for a tik tok video downloader app, then you have come to the right place. We will explain to you why Savelr is the best platform to download Tik Tok videos.

First of all, it's miles loose and very clean to apply.You can save any Tik Tok videos that you like easily and quickly.

Tik Tok is the biggest video sharing platform in the world. However, there are only a few ways to download Tik Tok videos. Finding one that is effective and reliable can be difficult.

Savelr's video downloader for Tik Tok is an effective and easy way to download videos from Tik Tok. It doesn't require any complicated downloads or even user registration. You'll get your videos fast and easy with Savelr's Tik Tok Video Downloader.

Q1: After downloading the videos from TikTok, where do they go?

A: In the browser settings, videos downloaded from the internet are saved in a default folder. However, you can select another folder from the browser settings for downloading.

Q2: Does Savelr save downloaded videos or keep their copies?

A: No, our service doesn't keep videos you downloaded and their copies. In addition, we don't track our users' download history, which makes using Savelr completely anonymous and safe.

Q3: Is there any need to install any programs or extensions?

A: Nope. Our aim is to give our clients the first-class viable experience. Links to the tik to video and our free tool are all you need.

Q4: Does your Tik Tok video downloader allow you to download videos without watermark for free?

A: You don't have to pay for anything because our software is always free. You can successfully download your tik tok video without any watermark at no cost at all.

Q5: Is it possible to download Tik Tok videos from an Android phone?

A: The best way to save no-watermark TikTok videos on your Android phone is to use Savelr. We offer a fast, free, constantly updated tool.

Q6: Is it possible to save tik tok videos /download my favorite Tik Tok mp4 videos to my iPhone (IOS)?

A: Normally, iPads and iPhones do not support downloading videos; mp4 tik tok, like android devices, do. In our guide, as mentioned earlier, we showed you how to do that easily!


Our Tik Tok Video Downloader Tool Will Help You Download, Save & Share Your Favorite Videos for Free!