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Everything About Pinterest Video Downloader

5/5 - (49 votes) is a popular social media platform offering unlimited free images, videos, GIFs about anything you want. However, if you like to download videos, you won’t often find a download link available on the platform.

You may wish to save your uploaded personal project somewhere, but you would not be able to do so because you no longer have access to that specific account. You may also need to integrate video into your presentation.

In any case, Savelr Pinterest Video Downloader gets things done. Why download and install software to get Pinterest videos if you can simply get them online? So, go ahead. Use our website today and download all your favorite Pinterest videos on your mobile device, PC, or table in just a few seconds.

A Pinterest video downloader from is a free online video downloader that enables you to download and save from all your favorite Pinterest videos.

Our tool is built on the latest requirements and needs of our users. You can easily use it, and it is free of cost. The downloader also doesn’t limit you to downloaded videos from Pinterest. You can download unlimited videos by using our website.

The best part here is that it’s mobile-friendly and Windows-supported. You can explore it either on your computer system or on your smartphone. It doesn’t need any requirements of spending money for downloading videos on Pinterest.

It’s also worth mentioning that it features a simple-to-use interface with free using opportunities. Our Pinterest video downloader also facilitates you to download quality in MP4 format without experiencing any difficulties.

As you may be already aware, Pinterest is a social media site helping you explore various creative ideas. You can save the ideas you see on Pinterest boards. For that reason, the platform is an efficient social bookmarking platform.

Aside from being a social media platform, Pinterest is the top search engine along with YouTube and Google. It’s real. Pinterest strives to become Google. Look for whatever you need in the Pinterest search bar. If you incidentally spell the search query wrong, you will automatically be corrected by the platform.

You discover the ideal photo for a blog post on Pinterest. Now, how do you bring the pin into your device? The answer to your problem is very simple. You can use a downloader tool to achieve that.

A lot of people can benefit from our Pinterest video downloader, including an Instagrammer, a tiktoker ,a teacher, blogger, video marketer, and many more. There are also other reasons you might need a video downloader for Pinterest.

You might need access to videos you find when you’re offline or not using the platform itself. For example, you wanted to view a Pinterest video, but the app itself was not reinstalled. Further, you cruise in the summer, and the internet is not accessible, or it’s available, but it’s rather expensive. Also, the internet in your workplace is slow, and you cannot access the internet on your phone.

Remember that there are drawbacks to taking screenshots. For example, you must give image credit, which is challenging if you capture a screenshot on your device. If you use a Pinterest video downloader, attribution often comes in with the video. How amazing is that?

You will find many benefits to using our video downloader. Some of them are the following:

  • Save your precious time

Are you a student and can’t spend much time scrolling the videos one by one? With our downloading tool, you can download any of your favorite Pinterest videos and watch them at your convenient time.

That will not waste your time, and you can share the downloaded file with your friends, saving their time as well.

  • No more buffering

You can now watch a Pinterest video without interruption, only if the internet connection is stable. In other cases, you need to wait to buffer the entire video content just to watch it. You can also have the video list and access it effortlessly.

Using the downloading feature, it’s simple to have all your Pinterest videos on your iPhone, Android, laptop, or any digital device. You can even save these videos on your USB and bring them along with no matter where you go.

  • No installation needed

The awesome thing about downloading a Pinterest video is that you don’t need to run the administration. On top of that, it doesn’t oblige you to download any software. You simply need to copy the link or URL and paste it into our website. In just a few seconds, it will bring you to the downloading screen and easily download the video file without using any other software or app. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Watch your favorite videos without lags

Do you love watching random videos on Pinterest? If yes, you love to watch them without any interruption. Using our Pinterest video downloader could make things simple for you. You do not like to stop at any point between a certain video, and that is only possible if you’re watching it in a downloaded form.

We know how stressful it is when you’re watching a video and it’s stuck due to a bad internet connection. With the help of our video downloader, you can effortlessly and smoothly download the video content and watch them later, anytime.

  • Improved learning experience

For whatever reason, you are using Pinterest but want to download videos on your mobile phone, PC, or laptop. Are you taking important lectures from the platform for your craft or DIY project? Then you do not want any interruption to miss any point. In that case, downloading the videos from the many platforms will offer you a great experience.

You can immediately move to the next video if you’re already familiar with the point. Meanwhile, you can efficiently playback the video if you find any point challenging. Furthermore, you can share the content with your colleagues or friends. To download the Pinterest video, copy the link and paste it into our website.

Here’s a simple step on how you can use our video downloader:

  • Look for the Pinterest video you like to download. Then copy the URL link.
  • Paste the video link in the input field, or you can click on the “Paste from clipboard” option.
  • Click on the download button, and it will automatically display various cards with formats.
  • Now, choose the format you like, and the video will be automatically saved on your device.

Yes, of course. However, we do not recommend using websites that have a huge number of ads or as you click on some ad. That simply might be malware or a phishing attack that could be risky for your device.

At, our Pinterest video downloader is free to use and free of ads. On top of that, our website is protected by an SSL certificate.

No, there is no limit. You are free to download as many Pinterest videos as possible you like.

No. In fact, there are no such processes you need to do just to use our video downloader. You can efficiently use our tool without any sign-in or registration process.

Our tool is basically for downloading videos from Pinterest without any fee. If you have any video content you like to save on your device, use our website today!