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Everything About Instagram Video Downloader

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At the end of this FAQs, you will know how to download any Video from Instagram FOR FREE with our Instagram video downloader.

We all lived this horrifying experience. We log in to our full insta, and after browsing the latest posts of our friends, we see a beautiful video that we would love to download for later or post on our other social network accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest... Unfortunately, for reasons we don't know, IG doesn't give us the ability to download videos on its platform. Will you believe me if I tell you that you can download any videos from Instagram for free, with a few clicks or tap on your device? Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of's Instagram video downloader and more.

The following are the benefits of our Instagram video downloader tools:

  • Our software is 100% Free, secured and you don't have to create a user account, share our site's URL on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok to support us.
  • You don't have to download the installation file to take advantage of our cutting-edge software. Just paste the link (URL) of the video you want to download in the field above and press download. Our Instagram video downloader tool will take care of everything for you.
  • Our Instagram video downloader free online software is 100 % compatible with Laptops, Desktops, and mobiles devices (Tablets, iOS, Android).
  • You can download high-resolution Videos.

As we told you in the introduction of this article, you don't need to be a tech SAVY or spend a dime in order to download videos from Instagram. The following are the 4 simple steps to follow if you want to download any Instagram video with our Instagram video downloader:

  • Step #1. Copy the link (URL) of that amazing video that you want to download on your device (pc, smartphone, tablet).
  • Step #2. Open's IG video downloader in your preferred browser (Safari, chrome, Mozilla, Brave, etc.), and past the link in the fields above.
  • Step #3. Now, click on the Download button and wait for the download to start.
  • Step #4. That's all! I told you, it is very simple. Our Instagram video downloader just saved you a lot of time and resources.

Interesting fact: You need the link or URL of the video you want to download with you our free tool in order to achieve your goal. Another interesting fact: Not matter the device you use to access Instagram (smartphone, tablet, Pc), it is not an intuitive process. This operation is more complex on mobile devices.

The following are the steps you have to follow to copy the link of any high-definition video on in order to download it with our Instagram video downloader:

  • Step #1. Access Instagram of your preferred device.
  • Step #2. Browse the platform and choose a video clip you like to download on your phone, tablet, or Desktop (Pc).
  • Step #3. Now, Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand corner of the page. A Popup window will open.
  • Step #4. Finally, click on Copy Link. Now, you have the key element (link of the video) you need to take advantage of our free Instagram Video downloader Today.

IG appeared in 2010. It was invented by two young men from San Francisco, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. At the time, it was a simple program for Apple devices. It was used by young people to share pictures (images, photos) on their personal pages. Keep reading to learn more about Instagram and our Instagram video downloader.

A few months later, an image editor was added, and new versions for iOS and Android gadgets were released. The functionality has increased and continues to expand every year. Instagram today is a full-fledged social network in which you can share a variety of materials, communicate with friends, run a business, share videos, hence the need for an Instagram video downloader. It is also often called a photo network because the main content here is photos.

All social networks differ from each other in design, features, and rules. Each of them is designed for a specific target audience. As we said earlier, Instagram initially interested only young people with an iPhone in their hands. They regularly took photos and posted them online. More about an Instagram video downloader: Among older people, there was an opinion that it was a very limited program for those who couldn't write more than two lines and could only click on the camera button.

Here are the key features of Instagram:

  • Add photos and videos: You can create photos directly through the Instagram app. At the bottom of the main bar in the middle, find the plus sign, enter there, the camera will open. You can take a photo right away and select filters for it. Also, on the left side, there is a "gallery" from where you can choose ready-made pictures processed by you through special programs. Let us dive into the next feature of Instagram in our article about Instagram video downloaders.
  • Publishing information: You have to click on the "next" button, here you can choose a filter, mark your friend's location, choose a "related" social network, put a hashtag or describe the photo. And click on the "share" option. You can also choose with whom to share: subscribers or friends.
  • Connecting with other social networking apps: This feature allows you to connect with networks like Facebook. It is convenient because all posted photos from Instagram go to the linked social networks. With this feature, you don't need to use an Instagram video downloader in order to share a video on other social networks. You can do this through "menu," "settings," and "linked accounts," then the list of social networks opens, choose the one in which you are registered, enter your login and password from this network, and done.
  • Enable Notifications: This feature allows you to turn on the notifications you want and turn off what you don't need. Normally, Instagram will send you various notifications about events that are related to your account. To set up notifications, you need to go to the menu click on the three dots sign at the top.

As you can already guess from the name, it is an online software (application) for downloading any videos from Instagram to your Android device, regardless of who added the video (s). The only thing you'll have to do to download content with Savelr's Instagram Video Downloader is to copy the link (You will find a step-by-step guide below) and then paste it into the appropriate field in the app itself. More about that in the sections below.

Insta or IG Video Downloader is a crucial application for all those who want to save from other users' posts on Instagram. It works quite simply, so anyone, even a novice user, will be able to figure it out.

The main flaws of this tool: Most web-based apps experience some limitations on speed and download volume. If you wonder how to download videos to Android, then access our site with your preferred browser-chrome, Mozilla, Brave.

There are effective ways to download videos from Instagram. To do this, you need to use paid or free third-party software. Indeed, you can download the desired video from the social network by using web services, browser plugins, and programs for the PC.

  • Web services: To date, there are only three ways to download videos from Instagram to your computer. One solution is web services. On the expanses of the Internet, you will find many options to perform the desired procedure.'s Instagram video downloader is one of the best web services on the market. The advantage of web services is that you do not need to install anything.
  • Built-in plugins or Applications: You can download videos from Instagram not only with the help of web services but also with the help of built-in extensions for your browser. This is a more convenient Freemium Instagram video downloader because you don't have to search for a solution every time on the internet.

Well, the short answer is no, downloading videos is not prohibited. Any Instagram videos that are posted on the social media platform can be downloaded by you.

There are some restrictions on reusing this content after uploading any IG videos: you should always give credit to the authors, especially when using it for commercial purposes.

Instagram's terms of Use and privacy policy does not allow users to download videos or photos from private accounts. If you want to violate Instagram's rules and download private videos, there are many free and paid online Instagram video downloaders that will help you in that line.